• The ONLY perforated gutter guard on the market back by a legend in consumer protection- Good Housekeeping!
  • Made from .032" virgin, heavy-duty commercial grade aluminum
  • Very Low Profile
  • Enhances your homes curb appeal
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your roof or gutters


  • Keeps your gutters clean
  • Perfect for the toughest jobs
  • Most effective for the heaviest dropping of pine, fir, evergreen and any other type of debris
  • Reduces home maintenance cost
  • Strengthens existing gutter system!
  • Very low profile- virtually invisible from ground.
  • Helps prevent costly damage to: Gutters, Fascia Board, Walls, Foundations, Landscaping, etc..
  • LIFETIME, Transferable Performance warranty
  • 20 Year Finish Warranty
  • Adds value to your home
  • 2 Year replacement/refund warranty from Good Housekeeping


Leaf Terminator is the only product to ever to be tested unbiasly to Miami-Dade County standards (strictest in the U.S.) by the independent testing facility of PRI Construction Material Technologies of Tampa, Florida.

The test proved the following:

Debris Test- no leaves, twigs, or pine needles remained on The Leaf Terminator and without any debris in the gutter.

Wind Test- withstood winds of 110 mph!

Load Bearing Test- 1200 lbs per square for on a 5" gutter system with a 95% recovery rate from deflection.

Rainfall Test- withstood 528" (44 feet) of rainfall in a 24 hour period!!