Great Lakes Gutter installs 5" & 6" Seamless aluminum gutters in Michigan. All gutters are made on-site by roll forming machines and can be extruded to any length.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

• Directs water away from basements, walks and patios.
• Keeps the outside of your home clean by preventing mud and sand from splashing up onto siding and windows.
• Protects the color of brick and concrete. No drip lines or discoloring.
• Protects concrete slabs from sinking and cracking.
• Inhibits moisture from entering directly inside open front entries and backsliders.
• Preserves stained wood decks, doors and garage doors from splash-ups.
• Stops landscape erosion. Plant without the concern for flooding.
• Water is directed to the sewage system where damage from run-off is not a concern.